Our kids will see opportunities open up as we help them see the value of using manners. The thing is, it’s just a way to show respect for others. Consider having a family discussion or game about what is and is not considered to be good manners. We might be surprised where each of us sit on the manners spectrum. Decide what matters and what to let go.

Episode 12: Music Part I

According to Ms Monica, everyday should be started with music.

Are you still listing your 10 gratitudes morning and night? Episode 7. Listen again if needed. Let’s live in our higher mind, not in our safe cave.

Also, today Candy shows us the amazing power that music holds. We can help our kids in transitions, with hard tasks, and to form routines. Music raises IQ and EQ in children. It is powerful stuff this music!

Please comment on the Face Book page and I promise to check it this week. Candy wants to see and answer your questions about using music with younger children.


Episode 11: Coping Skills for our Kids w/ Kristen Kohler

Today we briefly discuss living with intention starting with figuring out what we most want. Future episodes we will discuss creating a family creed helping the whole family get on the same page.

Kristen Kohler joins me to help us learn how important it is to let our children feel the negative emotions that WILL come in life, to solve their own problems and to fail while they are in our safe care. Lots to think about.

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