Episode 10: Takeover by Danny and Math Learners

Math learners aren’t necessarily good at math.
AND the skills associated with math can be fostered.

First of all Danny killed it with his takeover. He needs how own podcast because he is so fun to listen to. He asked me all the questions we ask our kids annually the day before school starts.

And Candy with math learners teaches that we can foster math in our kids even if we aren’t math people ourselves. Math kids love a job chart and find cleaning a room easy because they’ll categorize and avoid overwhelm. I personally took away that I need to have certain things we do EVERYDAY so it’s clear what’s expected. ENJOY!

Episode 9: Mindset Cleanse and Spiderwebs with Reed Carlson

Sometimes we have to let our children struggle out of the webs they find themselves in.

Reed and I talk more about the power of the mind. We could all use a good ol’ mind cleanse you know. We have the ability to control the 40 to 50 thousand thoughts we have a day if we work at it.

The skills we learned with Reed last time can be taught to children to help them see how they can control their situations. Either at dinner or in one on one times, we ask questions to help them see for themselves where to head.

We do not need to get our children out of each web they find themselves in. In fact, a child who gets himself out of a web will know for the future that he is strong enough, he’ll have the skills to be able to work his way out and he will know we trust him. Wow, talk about a confidence builder.

Episode 8: The Visual Learner

Hi guys. A follow up from last episode 6 on Language learners. Danny sent me this New York Times article about how important a family narrative is! It’s an eye-opening concept and I’m so excited to use this knowledge to strengthen my Inklings. A link to the article:

Today Candy and I talk about visual learners and their strengths and where we an help them succeed. Those like me who are not visual will appreciate some insight to the mind of the “visuals”.

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